Slightly Altered
Project info

Synchrodogs is a duo of two photographers, Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, shooting together since 2008. Originating from the land of “discrepancies”, Ukraine, Synchrodogs lead a nomadic lifestyle, engaging with their controversial surroundings, re-evaluating their mundane context to bring out the unique. With their quirky vision, the artist duo realizes ideas and fantasies inspired by the ever-changing ambience of their environment. Synchrodogs find inspiration in nudity and people’s eccentricity, mixing in Western and Ukrainian/Byzantine tradition, with references to folklore and local naive art. Their main interest lies in bringing primitive instincts out of a viewer, provoking animalistic behaviour and emotions, allowing one to embrace their natural beauty, encouraging one to be free from any predispositions and fear of being misperceived. Nudity, self-excruciation, human nature, primitivism, symbolism, eccentricity, animalism and intuition are amongst the themes communicated by the presented artworks.