Life in Memory (2017)
Project info

Since I lost my grandmother last year, I am challenged with previously very deeply buried fears and anxieties of death, loneliness and loss. Belonging to the natural processes of life, death is also one of the most terrifying and scaring one.

How often do we sit down, consciously, to think about a person who passed away? How often does that person pop up and we try to think about something different, or change the topic? In my project: "Life in Memory" I in depth explore humans and their vulnerabilities around the topic of loss, by letting them remember a real happy memory with that person, who is now deceased.

My goal was to give a space for people to look back and to remind all of us that our close ones stay alive within our hearts and traditions. No one is ever forgotten, and I want to contribute to immortalize further by preserving all the stories about those people who passed away. It is important for me to create a work for everyone, a work to show that nobody, including mysel