Cosmic Mandala
Project info

Imagination, chance and cosmic consciousness: my Mandala.
40 manually developed macro photographs of eyes.
At the end of the photo shoot, still pictures were developed using the traditional method. The film was then exposed to solar radiation for an undetermined period of time to subject the sensitive particles and the gelatinous surface to a second exposure. A sort of alchemic plastering process to grind the grain of the film into sand.
Through forced exposure to a source of heat, new chromatic compositions spontaneously grouped together around the iris, giving life to visual cosmic explosions and disclosing the true mandalic nature of the eye.
Mandala, a Sun turning into an eye and an eye turning into a Sun.
Mandala, fractal curves of universal light crossing the eyes and the mind.
Mandala, self-mirror.
The chemistry of sight, the impermanence of the dying gaze, reborn and turned to dust, ready to settle on new illusions.