Hide and Seek
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The Hide and Seek Series:
?An Archaeological Excavation of Memory

"Mystery cannot be put into words." ?
--Joseph Cornell

"The story I am going to tell comes from a place deep inside of myself, a place that perceives all that I have irredeemably lost and perhaps, what gain there is behind the loss. If some people forget their past as a way to survive, other people remember it for the same reason."?
Of Water and the Spirit? --Malidoma Patrice Some

I have forgotten and now I am remembering.

This body work addresses issues of self, gender identification and intimacy. In these images, the ambiguous nature of the male/female form in relation to itself and its circumstance is the beginning of both my journey and my longing. It is a search for an identity that is not obscured by memory or dream anymore than by somnambulistic living. It is a game where what is known and understood plays with what is only suspected. It is a night that ends in wakefulness.
My starting point in each piece are lines of poetry by Vicente Huidobro, the Chilean Surrealist poet. Using the Surrealist poetic concept of the "cut up" as a model, I use selected fragments of Huidobro's work. The images in the series are numbered and when placed in order, will create a new poem which is autobiographical in nature.

At the request of the National Library of Chile, Canto One/The Aurora Borealis is included on the page about Huidobro.
See http://bib.cervantesvirtual.com/portal/bnc/huidobro/huidobro.shtml

Output for this series is to 34" x 47" inkjet prints on Arches 356 paper.