Brooklyn Hipsters
Project info

Looking for the wonders of reality, I travel through the streets of the world, capturing urban space as a stage. Showing what’s really there, unadorned and simple, is the challenge that fulfills me the most.

During my practical semester in New York City I stayed in Williamsburg, which is in Brooklyn. Day after day, I was able to observe and experience things close up. I decided to go on an adventure in this microcosm, in order to work on a photography project about this neighborhood and its characters. As time went by, I became more and more aware of what kind of special meaning the hipster scene has for our society today.
Hipsterdom is an urban subculture with an affinity for consumption, full of yearning for individuality, which has its origins in New York. Fashion is its strongest means of expression. Hipsters use the street as a stage, in order to see and be seen.
It is a mirror of our young generation which grew up with the internet. It is a modern subculture with the desire to discover your identity, to update yourself all the time, a society focused on fun, which lives one day at a time.
I show the sensitivity of people who are anxiously striving to be unique but have long been wearing a uniform.
I captured the apex of hipsterdom. It is a contemporary document about a brief yet very influential subculture that is gradually disappearing. But this is the interesting part of my photography that I love. I focus on subcultures, its characters, trends and its consequences like gentrification. They come and go.
With a special focus on clothing, posture, gesture, and environment, I tell something about the youth culture and slow this world down, in order to draw attention to the people behind the hipster outfits.