Early Photographer
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His name is Bahman. He takes his shots by an old antique camera. At first, his brother learned the job from an Afghani guy and then taught him too. His brother also takes pictures further down the hill. He has his own camera, the same age. The place is at the hillside of Mount Touchal, the highest pick of the capital Tehran. People come here for some air on weekends. There are several teahouses around. Some people come and enjoy the food and drinks, some who are mountaineers go up to the peak. Some of the people may ask Bahman or his brother to take their pictures by the old cameras. 1$ for each frame. Bahman says it’s hard to find the paper for the camera. He could find something similar with a higher price and lower quality after a long search. He will quit if he can’t find proper paper, he says. These photos have been taken in March 2014. This is the story of Bahman, the early photographer.