Project info


The series “Coletivos” reveals a contemporary look of life stories from a globalized world seen through mosaics of constructed images. The observer is faced by large panels of aerial photos if seen from afar appear to be textures or geometric forms that if inspected closely, surprise the viewer with a richness of details that compose a daily urban lifestyle in consumption patterns.
The work on view reveals the enormous quantity of products and lands that humans beings use for living on our planet. All the images, made of hundreds of different pictures that together create imaginary landscapes, depicts the reality featuring huge areas that humanity needs each time more to aim at all steps of the consumption chain. VERDE exhibit the big demand on food showing large areas used for plantations and CEASA presents the complex operation to distribute the food. Our society produces an immeasurable quantity of disposals and ARIZONA shows us an unbelievable boneyard composed by old aircraft. AEROPORTO it’s a surreal created airport that it’s a portrait of globalization, mobility and the quickness of our way of life. The work COLETIVO represents a nightmare scene of what it’s happening in all big cities in the world where the car has a growing presence.