Portrait of my Mother
Project info

My latest project will be about the degree of being and fading. I will start this project with a portrait of my mother. She is the beginning and a core factor of my own being.
My mother is 88 years old. I experienced many phases of her life while I was in different phases of my own life. My mothers being is inextricably linked with my own, with the way I can and want to see her. I colour her image from my perspective.
Sometimes I wonder what will happen when my mother won’t be around anymore; will I think more about her, will memories come up that make her more visible to me? Or will she fade away more and more, because she isn’t physically there anymore? Perhaps certain phases will arise more than others, as I think more about her and miss her. Perhaps she’ll become even more the mother as I see her and experienced her and perhaps that image will replace the person she actually was.
Fortunately she is still alive and well, my mother, and I make my portrait of her.

I made a photograph and a drawing of my mother. I cut the prints in little squares to be able to build up a portrait, consisting of fragments as I see them and also don’t see.