Jenny`s Soul
Project info

The series "Jenny’s Soul" shows an unusual relationship between a man and his silicone doll. Is it possible for a human being to develop feelings for a doll, to love her?

Dirk (name changed) has been living together with his silicone doll Jenny for four years now. He bought the doll for 6000 Euro after suffering a breakdown and because he was feeling lonely.

Because the doll looks so real, she is not just a sex toy, she has become a partner to him. Dirk has forged a strong emotional relationship with Jenny. He is able to hear Jenny, talk to her and perceive her soul. Dirk is happy. His doll gives him a sense of closeness and security. He would not want to live without her. Their everyday life takes place in the apartment, never outside. Dirk keeps their life together secret.

I met Dirk and Jenny on an internet forum in October 2014 and visited them at their home. I was afraid of exposing them with my pictures. With this particular topic, it is easy to take bizarre photos. The biggest challenge was to take photos of Dirk and Jenny on an equal level, not to see the doll just as a doll but to recognise what the man sees and loves in her.

Why should there be no other forms of living together than the classic man-woman relationship? What does a person need to feel love? I want to look even deeper into the everyday life of Dirk and Jenny and show that there are people who are happy even though they may have a way of living that deviates from the norm.