Backyard and Lighthouse
Project info

The Backyard and Lighthouse tells the story of two young women who produces parchment with ancient methods in Bergama, through gender issues in which female identity is constructed in cultural context with notions “by women nature” and “private space”. In contrary to the patriarchal social system in which the public space belongs to men and the private area to women, in this photography serie the private space is replaced by “the backyard”. The backyard is also a place that they do a work which is told that women can not do “by their nature” because they are sensitive. The backyard is a “Room of One’s Own” (as it was described at Virginia Woolf's book) and parchment is a lighthouse for them. The serie, designed as a handmade book project. The handmade book was produced only for Demet and Nesrin as a symbol of women's solidarity. The project is published on March 8th.