About Scarlett Coten
In 2012 Coten decided to photograph men. She set off to further her travels into countries which had long since been close to her heart, Morocco, Egypt and beyond ; Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Libanon. Her new series "Mectoub" question concepts of masculinity and virility in changing societies, revisiting the notion of gender of a young generation involved in the evolution of today's world.
Inviting men to pose for a woman and her camera amounts to a reversal of the habitual codes of representation via a switching of genders roles. This brings into question the sense of the principle of seduction and overturns deeply entrenched notions: posing is essentially a feminine or effeminate act and directing, a masculine one. "Mectoub" is a photographic act through which she affirms that her gaze has a gender. Her portraits are an expression of the profound, ephemeral link between photographer and subject. Each image brings up the dialectical interplay between character and his environment, the material is raw, untouched, different. An open photographic story, a romanticized biography in which the spectator is involved.
The artist positions herself like a woman who dares to look at men, affirms that the camera itself has a gender and by doing so raises issue regarding the conquest of the female gaze.
Coten's work is represented by East Wing Gallery (Dubai) and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle)

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