About Scarlett Coten

Scarlett Coten is an independant french female photographer whose work has explored themes of identity and intimacy. After studying at ENSP in Arles for three years, Coten moved to Paris to pursue photography and contribute in both national and international press.

In 2000 Coten began her mesmerizing series “Still Alive” when she traveled to Sinai to document the Bedouins. This series, "Still alive", was published by Actes sud in 2009. Coten was awarded the Humanity Photo Award in 2004 in Beijing, China, and nominated at the NYPH Festival in 2009 for her book.

She has since focused her practice predominantly on long-term projects.
Her fascination of Arab culture over the past decade has formed the main theme throughout her photography.

Since 2012, Coten's work “Mectoub” translates her interest in post-Arab Spring movements by featuring a series of photographs that illustrate North African and Middle Eastern young men’s yearning for individual freedom and rejection of social predicaments.
The portraits question concepts of desire, masculinity, identity, territory
and history through the context of the societies the photographs represent. In this architectural décor, far from the turmoil, the characters expose their sensitivity as an act of rebellion and singular struggle.

Coten's work is represented by East Wing Gallery (Doha/Dubai), Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle) and Gallery 127 (Marrakech)

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