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  • Karolina Wojtas
    Rebelling against the conservative conventions of schooling in Poland, Karolina Wojtas has given a carte blanche to her inner child, resulting in an explosion of mess, materials and experimentation.
  • Bharat Sikka
    In his long term exploration of masculinity, Bharat Sikka intertwines the personal and the collective by continually finding new ways to investigate and represent his homeland, India.
  • Oli Kellett
    This light-soaked street photography spotlights passersby as main characters in a classic theatrical performance.
  • Deana Lawson
    These photographs contain multitudes — references to African diaspora, complex emotions, unspoken dreams, dignity, pride, love, visible scars, the trappings of household circumstance, the tenderness of generations. 
  • Pablo Lerma
    A mysterious flea market discovery leads artist Pablo Lerma down the archival rabbit hole. With the help of 19 writers, he resurfaced with a beautiful book project that blurs the lines of fact and fiction.
  • Dylan Hausthor
    This experiment in shared authorship weaves together an enigmatic imaginary New England location out of spellbinding monochrome vignettes.
  • Andreas Trampe
    What’s new in news photography? Senior Picture Editor Andreas Trampe of ‘Stern’ offers his take on the shifting sands of an industry and shares his tips on how to reach out to photo editors. 
  • Bea Nettles
    A major retrospective at the Eastman Museum celebrates Bea Nettles’ alchemical approach to photography, inviting viewers into her magical universe of mythology, imagery and self-expression. 
  • Rebecca Norris and Alex Webb
    Photography duo Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb offer insight into the evolution of their practice, and why the genre of street photography isn’t so easy to define.
  • Yijun Liao
    Pixy Liao started using her boyfriend as a “prop” in her photos, but that evolved into an ongoing 12-year project documenting their unconventional relationship, resulting in some eye-opening images.