This series grew out of a deep-seated need to comprehend the world around me; to reconcile what I call meaningful and what I call meaningless. It reflects my fascination with the human body: its physicality and mortality. I am intrigued by the body’s corporeal limits, flaws, triumphs; its ability to withstand and capacity to heal.

My photographs confront the enduring concept of mortality from the perspective of youth.

The result is a series in which decaying objects are humanized in their evidence of slow aging, and humans are objectified in their flash of youth and beauty and excess.

My generation often appears to live in a sort of purgatory—blindly searching for something meaningful; craving the height of aesthetic, sexuality, or experience. My photographs argue that there is no obtainment of this height that is sought after, as the height of something is the subsequent death of that thing or experience.

My work is a visual description of this purgatory, this hollowness: seductive, visceral, and empty at the same time.

—Jenna Marsh