Water covers over 70% of our planet—but in the coming century, it could very well become one of our most precious (and contentious) resources.

To celebrate and examine the centrality of water in our lives, we have assembled this group of diverse, inspiring photographic projects which speak to the endless uses and forms of water in the surrounding world.

Documentary stories show us our frozen poles and the disappearing islands in the Pacific, while conceptual approaches look at the oceans from above, below and within.

Click on each name to see amazing projects by the photographers below. Enjoy!

Edward Burtynsky - Water
Munem Wasif - Salt Water Tears
Linelle Deunk - This World is Not Mine
Lâm Duc Hiên - The Mekong: Stories of Man
Vlad Sokhin - Kiribati: Disappearing?
Greg Kahn - 3 Millimeters
Lake Urmia Collective - The (Once) Great Salt Lake
Nadav Kander - Yangtze: The Long River
Caleb Cain Marcus - Goddess of the Ganges
Jose Diniz - Periscope
Antonio Gonzalez Caro - Garum
Mandy Barker - Hong Kong Soup
Jean de Pomereu - Sans Nom
Zsófia Pályi - Lake Balaton
Dianne Yudelson - Under the Surface

—LensCulture Editors

You can learn more about World Water Day on the United Nations’ dedicated website.