The following photographers won awards at the 2012 LensCulture Exposure Awards in the Single Image category. 

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Jim Kazanjian
Winner, 1st Prize

My images are digitally manipulated composites built from photographs I find online. The technique I use could be considered "hyper-collage". I cobble together pieces from photos I find interesting and feed them into Photoshop. Through a palimpsest-like layering process of adding and subtracting, I gradually blend the various parts together. I am basically manipulating and assembling a disparate array of multiple photographic elements (sometimes more than 50) to produce a single homogenized image. I do not use a camera at any stage in the process.

I've chosen photography as a medium because of the cultural misunderstanding that it has a sort of built-in objectivity. This allows me to set up a visual tension within the work, to make it resonate and lure the viewer further inside. My current series is inspired by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood and similar authors. I am intrigued with the narrative archetypes these writers utilize to transform the commonplace into something sinister and foreboding. In my work, I prefer to use these devices as a means to generate entry points for the viewer. I'm interested in occupying a space where the mundane intersects the strange, and the familiar becomes alien. In a sense, I am attempting to render the sublime.

Michelle Sank
Winner, 2nd Prize

Roland is 19 years old. He is an only child who lost his father a year ago and his mother has multiple sclerosis. He takes care of his mother and also studies at University. He assumes a Lady Gaga identity as a means of having an alter ego.

My practice is concerned with the notion of encountering, collecting, and re-telling. I am interested in creating sociological landscapes, interplays of human form and location that are significant in their visual, sociological and psychological nuances.

Andrea Stultiens
Winner, 3rd Prize

Kitgum is a town in northern Uganda. In 2006, when the war in the region ended, the first photo studios returned. There are six studios in total now. Visit them all and you have traveled the world. In Kitgum.

Even though I love the 'simple' photographic image, I have been experimenting with multi panel images, that extend the frozen moment, and fold open spaces. It is still photography, but borrows thoughts from the comic book — and film narrative.

With a background in documentary photography, I now describe myself as someone doing things with photographs. I make them, collect them, think and write about them. Sometimes some of this gets published online, in a magazine or in a book. The last few years I have mostly been working in Africa. Using photographs as tools to help me and others to relate to and understand other cultures is at the center of all that I do. At the same time I am interested in the (im)possibilities of stories told in photographs.

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