We’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 LensCulture Exposure Awards – the best in global photography and multimedia. The nine top winners and 27 honorable mention winners represent work from 17 countries. 

This award-winning work was selected from entries that came in from 52 countries. The quality, and sheer amount of submissions, amazed (and almost overwhelmed) the members of our international jury

The winning entries cover a broad and diverse range of subject matter, stylistic approaches, and technical processes. So, in many ways, the judges’ selections represent a true snapshot of some of the best photography and multimedia as it is being practiced today. 

Enjoy the winning photography here at LensCulture. Award winners in the Portfolio Category are featured in special LensCulture articles with in-depth presentations of each winning series (Grand Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize). The Multimedia Category winners' work can be seen on their websites by clicking on their names below. And you can see the prize-winners in the Single Image Category here (Grand Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize). 

Finally, be sure to click on the links to the websites of each of the winners as well. A traveling show of screenings and projections for this work was shown at galleries, theaters, schools, museums and other arts institutions around the world.

The award winners for 2012 are:

Portfolio Category Winners 
Grand Prize: Kyoko Hamada
2nd Prize: Annalisa Brambilla
3rd Prize: Matilde Gattoni

Multimedia Category Winners
Grand Prize: Amanda Zackem
2nd Prize: Ed Kashi
3rd Prize: Elena Bulygina

Single Image Category Winners
Grand Prize: Jim Kazanjian
2nd Prize: Michelle Sank
3rd Prize: Andrea Stultiens

Honorable Mention Awards
Javier Arcenillas
Lluis Artus
Walter Astrada
Jan Brykczynski
Laura Boushnak
Joshua Davis
Misha Domozhilov
Natan Dvir
Peter Eriksson
Matthieu Gafsou
Thomas Gardiner
Candace Gaudiani 
Kate Geraghty  
Anne Golaz
Chris Harrison
Kiana Hayeri
Juliane Herrman
John Kasbe
Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong
Sean Lee
Matthew Lloyd
Monika Merva
Jonas Opperskalski
Camille Seaman 
Viktoria Sorochinski
Maija Tammi
Claire A. Warden 

Cheers to everyone who participated! And heartfelt thanks to every member of our world-class international jury for 2012.