Photography is the perfect medium to explore the culture of youth, coming of age, sex and intimacy, the dynamics of groups and pop culture. Over the years, masterful photographers have turned the lens on themselves, their friends and peers to record vibrant moments of joy and exuberance, experimentation with self-identity, as well as times of questioning, self-doubt and uncertainty. The lineage is long, including among many others Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Anders Petersen, Jacob Aue Sobol, Michal Solarski and Tomasz Liboska.

Lily Zoumpouli, a promising young Greek photographer, is documenting herself and life with her friends in Greece and England. She is using the visual language of photography with fluency — interspersing candid photos with staged shots, self-portraits, still life pictures and street photography. Throughout the flow of these photos, we experience a range of emotions, a bit of self-consciousness, the joy of being naked and playing, a sense of discovery and delight at being young and alive.

—Jim Casper

Editors’ Note: We first met Lily Zoumpouli, and discovered her photography, at the excellent Athens Photo Festival.