A stallion escaped from the crystal of winter
Half a human body found on the steep dune.
Indian pink with black gloves
Powdered pink with the faded cheeks of a dowager
A head engulfed in an absurd Pandora’s box where the façade keeps watch, pink as well
Teasing the love that the eternal lonely palm tree bears.
What does this washed-out screen weep over but the dying bouquet that keeps him company?
Those pairs of motionless eyes, of coupled fish larva?
She shows off, the White Lady with the tiered skirt. Her eyes, tired as those of dead twins born in the plate.
Then arises an armful of young Indian lotus flower women showing off their intense crack of blue silk.
At the edge of a face, a ribbon of fur dreams, pelisse of the moment.
The ebony apsara, coiled in the fleece of a mare, then remembers
From the childish halo stolen from a nocturnal garnet dancer, a pastoral mattress, in spite of himself.

The sleep of a spectrum in his Sunday best survives this kiosk
Peaceful in front of his indigo cellophane sky
His grin looks at the hanging fangs of a hungry kobold,
To the chimeras of forbidden passengers, to the obsolete pleasure of a garland of curved torsos
And, at the commissure, a long inner laugh splits the air.

—Text by Eléonore Antzenberger

Editors’ note: Éléonore Antzenberger is a writer, researcher, editor and lover of words and images. She is the author of numerous publications on 20th century art and literary avant-garde movements.

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