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Catherine Balet Paris, France

  • Paris, France
  • Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris
  • Polka Galerie, Paris

While France’s bans on head scarves and veils are on trial again, these portraits of teenage students throughout Europe capture common struggles to define one's individuality through codes, labels and signs.

Catherine Balet explores the dominance of media screens in contemporary life, and her images also refer to the narcissistic self-awareness expressed on social networks and the current approach to quick, light mobile photography that affects our visual culture.

About Catherine Balet

Catherine Balet graduated at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and worked as a painter before turning to Photography ten years ago. As a freelancer, she has been a regular contributor to various french and international magazines, also creating images for the world of fashion. She has today specialised in portraiture with an artistico-sociologicall approach of her subjects. She lives between Paris and Brighton.

2013 - « Les contemplatives » - Espace 111 – Paris

2012 - Festival de la Luz - Argentina :
Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Franklin Rawson - San Juan
Alianza Francesa Sede Central – Buenos Aires

- The World in London, Photographers Gallery -London

- "Art Paris", Grand Palais, Paris -France

- Madrid foto Art Fair - Spain

- Strangers in the Light, Polka Galerie, Paris - France

2011 - Identity, Kindermuseum in FEZ - Berlin

2010 - Global Photography - Mestre/Venice

2009 - Global Photography - Si Fest Savignano Immagini Festival

2007 - Galeries photo - Fnac ‚ France

2007 - Biennale of photography - Urbi et Orbi - Sedan - France

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