About Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is a visual artist working with documentary photography. The main theme of his work is the identity. In the debut project “Transitional Age" he is interested in the transformation of a teenager’s identity – a child becomes an adult. In his following project "Escape" the focus shifts to the opposition of the individual and society. Danila researches the experience of hermits – people who live through decades alone with nature –and tries to find the answer for the critical questions: whether the individual freed from social environment becomes closer to his “true” self; and what happens to personality when it loses its "social mask." His recent project "Restricted Areas" is reflecting on the identity of a civilisation and its relations with technological advances. Deserted places that were once sites of national importance, buildings and machinery which are now relics of the past are photographed in a vacuum white space of eternal winter.

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