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Noorderlicht Groningen, Netherlands

This brilliantly curated show at the Noorderlicht Festival examines the consequences of more than half the world's population now living in cities, which comprise only three percent of the earth's surface. Fascinating photographs and thought-provoking reading.
An intelligent, thought-provoking group show depicts country life in the urban age, chosen from artists all over the world, including Jackie Nickerson, Nadav Kander, Munem Wasif, George Awde, Evzen Sobek (his image shown here), Larisa Sitar, Brigitte Grignet, Tessa Bunney, and Ian Teh. The introductory essay is loaded with facts, statistics and questions.

A sweeping overview of photography from Eastern Europe — some old views, and lots of new discoveries. As always, Noorderlicht provokes, informs and inspires.

A sweeping overview of photography from Eastern Europe — some old views, and lots of new discoveries. Curated by Noorderlicht
Through the work of top photographers like Ad van Denderen, Martin Specht, Paul Seawright, Peter van Agtmael and Antonin Kratochvil, the exhibition and book,Warzone, pauses to examine the experience of soldiers who have been dispatched to the Warzones of our recent history. The traces in the landscapes in which they lived have been covered again by time, but the world of war will – for better and worse – continue to exist in their inner landscape.
About Noorderlicht

Noorderlicht is a many-faceted and international platform, originally only for documentary photography, but now for any photographer who has a good story to tell. With a sharp eye for new developments, but averse to trends and hype, we devote attention to the photography of the world and to the world of photography. We do this by organising an annual photography festival, programming exhibitions in our photo gallery, organising photographic commissions and arranging discussions, lectures and masterclasses. Noorderlicht provides an educational programme, and also publishes exceptional catalogues and photo books. Our exhibitions tour worldwide, and have been seen in the United States, Syria, Australia, Indonesia and other lands.

With its distinctive, cutting-edge programming and outstanding publications, Noorderlicht has built up an international reputation as an institution that is able to couple engagement with visual beauty. Noorderlicht productions are imaginative and compelling, enthusiastic and critical, personal and socially committed.

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