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Urban wastelands of abandoned warehouses and decaying buildings form a large part of London’s cityscape. Due to the recession, an enormous amount of space within 'Europe’s financial capital' remains unused while waiting for better times. London’s underground rave scene is fueled by this shift and infuses new life into these dead places. Illegally hosted Drum’n’ bass parties draw a variety of individuals on their search for alternative and non-conformist ways of living and clubbing. Photographer Corinna Kern explores the heterotopian nature of 21st century’s underground rave culture.

Heterotopia (Noun)
1. A space of otherness
2. A place where reality and unreality meet, either a real place or an illusion
3. A place that affirms autonomy and so rebels against authoritarianism and repression
- Derived from the theory of Michel Foucault