Photography’s a case of keeping all the pores of the skin open, as well as the eyes…[but] it’s not just seeing. It’s feeling.

—Don McCullin, Photo London’s Master of Photography

After a smashingly successful inaugural edition, the international fair Photo London is back for more. Beautifully situated at Somerset House on the Thames river, Photo London will offer the public a vibrant celebration of photography in all its forms. 80 of the world’s finest galleries will be on hand to display and sell beautiful photographs from all periods and genres to collectors. LensCulture’s editors have put together a highly selective preview of some of the work that excites us most — see these 55 images in the high-resolution slideshow above.

Other highlights of the program include the live, participatory production of the “largest-ever Ambrotype portrait” by the London duo Walter and Zoniel on the opening night of the fair. Legendary photojournalist Don McCullin will present some of his work and take part in a public conversation with the Tate Modern’s Simon Baker. Over 20 other world-class photographers will also present their work in a series of conversations and presentations—from Martin Parr to Nadav Kander, David Maisel and many more.

For those in attendance at last year’s vibrant and exciting fair, its triumphant return this year should come as no surprise. In the words of Michael Benson, the fair’s co-founder, “We have been delighted to find that so many people of all ages share our passion for photography and believe like us that London has the potential to become the world capital of photography.”

Over the next two weeks, LensCulture will introduce other highlights from the program, including a feature on the jam-packed speakers’ list and individual spotlight articles on some of the most intriguing artists who will be exhibited at the fair. Stay tuned…

And last, but not least: LensCulture will be taking part in these exciting festivities for the second straight year. All 31 award-winning photographers of our Exposure Awards 2015 will be on display AND the 14 Winners and Jurors’ Picks from the Portrait Awards 2016. This special exhibition of 45 brilliant contemporary photographers from all over the world (printing courtesy of Genesis Imaging UK) will be the welcoming exhibition greeting all photography-lovers at the Embankment entrance to Photo London when they enter the Somerset House.

As ever, we are absolutely thrilled to be sharing LensCulture’s latest international photographic discoveries alongside the rest of the fair’s top-notch programming. So please, come join us!


Editors’ Note: Photo London will run from May 19-May 22, 2016. It will be held at the Somerset House, in the heart of London. We look forward to seeing some of you there! Purchase your tickets now.