The wonders and calamities of nature and life on Earth seem as endless as the cosmos themselves. Here are 65 amazing photo series that draw their inspiration from the beauty of nature, the cycles of life, changing weather and environments, and much more. The editors of LensCulture hope you find some inspiration from these 65 photographers whose work ranges from the poetic and sublime, to conservation, activism, documentary, reportage, landscape, wildlife, marco, micro, and humanity’s impact on the planet we call home.


—Jim Casper and the editorial team at LensCulture

Click on each name below to see a full feature article by each of these 65 photographers:

Beth Moon - Diamond Nights
Andrey Abramov - Simulators of the City Landscape
Ellie Davies - Stars
Beth Dow - In the Garden
Myoung Ho Lee - Tree
Nelly Rodriguez - Photos of Solitude from the Swiss Mountains
National Geographic - 125 Years of National Geographic
Acacia Johnson - Polaris
Christian Houge - Shadow Within
Darren Nisbett - Primate
Britta Jaschinski - Ghosts
Elaine Ling - Baobab Tree of Generations
Chris McCaw - Sunburn
Michael Donnor - Manifesting Infinity
Chris Jordan - Midway Message from the Gyre
Fokion Zissiadis - Iceland in Color
Andres Muller Pohle - Hong Kong Waters
David Maisel - Oblivion
Marcus Lyon - Exodus
Daesung Lee - The Vanishing Island
Manuel Cosentino - Behind a Little House
Murray Fredericks - Topophilia
Dayna Bartoli - Floralfaunal Angiography
Oyvind Hjelman - Anthologia
Albarran Cabrera - The Mouth of Krishna
Kippo Yoshinori Mizutani - Tokyo Parrots
Eladar Zeytullaev - Planta Sapiens
Syoin Kajii - Nami
Klaus Thyman - To the Ends of the Earth
Yusuke Sakai - Skin
Traer Scott - Natural History
Marcus Desieno - Parasites
Kim Kauffman - Florilegium
Michael Marten - Sea Change
Richard Woldenrop - Abstract Earth
Jorge de la Torriente - From Above
Alexis Pike - Claimed Landscape
Mitch Dobrowner - Storms
Douglas A. Yates - Alaska Watershed Calligraphy
Olivia Lavergne - Jungles
Beth Moon - Diamond Nights
Gerd Hasler - Landscapes and Waterscapes
Jean de Pomereu - Sans Nom
Adam Panczuk - Karczeby: The Roots of Polish Life
Toshia Shibata - The Constructed Landscape as Art
Emma Livingston - NOA Noroeste Argentino
Peter Ainsworth - Covered
Aki Lumi - Traceryscapes: Net Enshrouded Landscape
Claus Stolz - Heliographs
Ineke Key - Landscape Boundaries
Pierre Torset - Shipbreaking
Brad Temkin - Rooftop Second Nature
Marcella S. Davis - Force of Nature
Fleur Olby - Colour from Black
Radek Skrivanek - Aral Tengizi: Story of a Dying Sea
David Thomas Smith - Anthropocene
Michael Marten - Sea Change
Mitch Epstein - American Power
Edward Burtynsky - Water
Karen Glaser - Springs and Swamps
Michael Lange Wald - Landscapes of Memory
Silvie de Burie - My Life Aquatic
Souvid Datta - China: The Human Price of Pollution
Frank Yamrus - Rune Lagu
Nadav Kander - Yangtze: The Long River
David Pace - Karaba Brick Quarry
Abigail Smithson - The Land: 3 Photographer’s Views on the Landscape