Green roofs are living, ever-changing entities which are unobserved and inaccessible to the general public. Instead, they serve a more cogent purpose, as the harbinger of urban sustainability.

My photographic project Rooftop addresses what some contemporary urban pioneers are doing to mitigate the consequences of non-renewable energy consumption – by countering heat island effect, improving storm water control, and reducing our carbon footprint.

In these photographs, I draw attention to the positive effects of living architecture by maintaining the dynamism that exists. Busy skylines, symbols of our growth, are juxtaposed in contrast with buildings covered in plantings. These elevated landscapes represent the judicious reintroduction of nature, flourishing in a new urban setting, displaying points of integration and discord.

As a photographer, I am interested in communicating how the human experience is transformed through the camera. The pictures need to reach across cultures and strike responsive chords. Rooftop suggests that through grace and ingenuity, we may be able to integrate booming urbanization with a healthier environment, and a more responsible infrastructure. Positive and profound change comes when groups of people work together to implement their common vision.

— Brad Temkin