For over 50 years, the World Press Photo organization has recognized the courageous men and women who venture out into the world each day to produce powerful, affecting, inspiring visual journalism. Their pictures (and their bravery) allow millions of people to learn more about the world, its conflicts, its triumphs and its tragedies.

The editorial team at LensCulture was pleased to discover this year that eight of the prize-winning photographers recognized at the 2014 World Press Photo Awards have had their work previously recognized by LensCulture. In the coming days and weeks, we will share many more of the stories that we discovered while attending this year’s awards presentation, but in the mean time, we wanted to recognize, once more, the great work that’s been done by LensCulture’s featured photographers.


Click on each name below to see a full feature article of each of these series.

Michele Palazzi, Finalist, Emerging Talent 2014 - Black Gold Hotel
Sandra Hoyn, Finalist, Emerging Talent 2014 - Fighting for a Pittance: Thai Child Boxing
Pete Muller, Finalist, Visual Storytelling 2014 - A Tale of Two Wolves: Men, Masculinity and Violence
Glenna Gordon, Winner, Visual Storytelling 2014 - Abducted Nigerian School Girls
Paolo Marchetti, Winner, Visual Storytelling 2014 - Fever: The Awakening of European Fascism
Paolo Verzone, Finalist, Exposure Awards 2014 - Cadets
Darcy Padilla, Our Favorite Photobooks of 2014 - Family Love
Fulvio Bugani, Finalist, Portrait Awards 2015 - Waria