• Location:
    Wareham, United Kingdom
  • LensCulture Awards:
    Magnum Photography Awards 2017, Winner, Fine Art
  • Gallery Representation:
    Crane Kalman Brighton
    Sophie Maree Gallery, The Netherlands
    A.Galerie Paris
    A.Galerie Belgium
    Brucie Collections, Kiev
    susan spiritus gallery
    Susan Spiritus Gallery. Newport Beach, USA.
    Brucie Collections, Kiev.
    Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery.
    Brucie Collections, Kiev, Ukraine
    A.Galerie Brussels, Belgium
    A.Galerie Paris, France
    Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery, UK
    Susan Spiritus Gallery. Newport Beach, USA
  • Agencies:
  • Schools Attended:
    London College of Communication (University of the Arts)
  • Photo Associations & Memberships:
    LCC MA Photography Alumni
About Ellie Davies